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L2INTER is an unique new PvP server. Our goal is to provide You with a stable, lagless, enjoyable, close-to-retail Lineage II experience. Server was designed to meet the needs of the public, who mostly lack the time to dedicate themselves to the game.

Grand Opening: September 26 (Sunday) 20:00 [UTC +3]
14:00 [UTC -3 Brazil]

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What awaits you on L2INTER?
Quality server files, no custom items, good class balance!
The largest advertising campaign, a huge online!
Stable and long server employment!
Sea of the fan, battles for the Raid Bosses!
Qualitative support for players 24/7!
Stability and uptime 99,9% !

Clans Registrations & Castle's Sieges Event
We would like to announce castle sieges event, clan leader which will take Giran and Rune castles will be rewarded with 100$. First castles sieges will take place on 2021/10/01 and 2021/10/03. If you want to join our server with your clan and obtain 8 clan level and full skills you need to register your clan here